Current Projects

Ms. Satorius has recently joined the faculty at IES Abroad Vienna, a non-profit study abroad organization for students enrolled in American undergraduate programs. Her original two-semester Opera History course focuses on critical analysis of the genre from its beginnings through the present day. She also guest lectures at various colleges and universities on a range of topics, including Austrian Cultural History and History of Western Art and Architecture.

After earning her MA in Theater, Film, and Media History from the University of Vienna, Satorius is continuing her scholarship as a doctoral candidate. Her dissertation will document and analyze the “Salomania” phenomenon following the 1905 premiere of Richard Strauss’ opera Salome, with particular focus on the figure of the “Oriental other”  in déshabillé performances in the early 20th century.

Her original documentary screenplay, The Five Powers, and accompanying comic book, The Secret of the Five Powers, continue to garner praise at film festivals throughout Europe and the United States. Following its New York premiere in June of 2016, the film was awarded “Best Film” at the People’s Film Festival in Harlem.

The thoroughly successful 2016 run of the English Touring Opera’s Don Giovanni was capped with several thrilling award nominations. After winning “Best New Opera Production” from the What’s On Stage 2017 Opera Poll, the piece was further nominated for “Best Opera” at the Manchester Theatre Awards, and its director, Lloyd Wood, for “Best Newcomer” at the International Opera Awards.

Following a warm reception for Glyndebourne’s Behind the Curtain: Don Giovanni  in the autumn of 2016, Satorius was thrilled to continue her collaboration with director Lloyd Wood on Behind the Curtain: La Traviata in the autumn of 2018. The team look forward to returning to Glyndebourne for further work on the Behind the Curtain series in 2020, when the production will focus on Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte.

For further updates on these and other projects, please check back again soon.